Welcome to CarAndParts, an online Car-parts, Tyre, and accessories store in Pakistan.

CosmoCarParts is a venture by Mechanical engineers(NUST and UET graduates) who have years of Corporate working experience in the automobile sector of Pakistan. 

At CosmoCarParts, we feel honored to serve you by delivering at your doorstep the genuine Honda, Toyota, BMW, Audi and Mercedes and spare parts all other brands

If we don’t have your desired product listed here on our website, we will get it arranged for you in 2-3 hours. 

If you are contemplating to buy spare parts for your Honda, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Mercedes or any other car, odds are you would most probably be sold non-genuine in the name of a genuine one. It has how the Car spare-parts industry in Pakistan has always operated. 

Our parts specialist,  having years of experience in parts domain, can tell the difference between a genuine car part and a non-genuine one. 

If you are not a parts expert, you can easily be deceived. 

Your car is one of your most important investments. So we treat your vehicle as the important asset that it is. 

Our customers have come to know us as the best place to buy genuine auto parts online. 

When you buy auto parts from CosmoCarParts.com, you can rest assured that you will receive the Genuine auto parts at the lowest prices. 

Our Car-Parts come in guaranteed fit and come with free returns upon selection of the wrong part or the damaged product during shipment and handling. 

So shop with CosmoCarParts without any risk at all.

Refuse to be cheated.

Refuse to make a decision on intuition.


Because you deserve better and your car deserves a genuine spare part. What is the solution? 

CosmoCarParts–genuine spare parts for your Honda, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Mercedes or any other car at the lowest prices. 

We take great pleasure in facilitating our customers by selling the genuine auto parts for the lowest prices in the market so that YOU, the customer, get genuine parts. 

What makes us sell genuine parts for less than market price? 

Our business model.

We cut out the middleman from the supply chain, and pass the benefit to our customers. Fair? 

In an industry plagued with legacy processes replete with inefficiencies and bad-to-worse customer experience, we, at CosmoCarParts, are more interested in making a long-term relationship with you based on authenticity, empathy, and mutual values.

Hassle-free genuine car parts buying experience had never been this easy. Right?

Please note:

A small percentage of your transaction goes to Shaukat khatam cancer hospital as a charity for cancer patients.

Cash-on-delivery is available nationwide (for retail orders).

Nationwide shipping and returns.

100% genuine Car Parts guaranteed.

Visit our office for wholesale or bulk orders.

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