CNB Auto Expo Excellence Awards 2020: Best Design – Tata Sierra

The Tata Sierra was India’s first indigenous SUV that showed up route in 1991. Worked as a hard top traveler variation of the Telcoline pickup truck, the Sierra’s prominence originated from its faction bid and its extremely unmistakable bended glass rooftop at the back. The three-entryway vehicle was never a gigantic volumes spinner for Tata Motors yet unquestionably still has its armies of fans – particularly as it blurred away and was supplanted by the Safari when the new century rolled over. That adoration and offer is what Tata’s plan group has endeavored to catch with the new Tata Sierra EV idea vehicle – that was no uncertainty the best-stayed quiet and in this way the greatest shock of Auto Expo 2020. The Sierra idea is all-electric, and addresses a clear spot in the Tata SUV lineup.

The Sierra Concept exhibited at the Auto Expo 2020 was an all-electric SUV.

The destined to-be-propelled small SUV (HBX idea, named ‘Hornbill’ by the press) will be the passage vehicle in that portfolio, trailed by the Nexon subcompact SUV. And afterward its directly to the Harrier, Hexa and Gravitas – all a lot greater contributions. It leaves a sweet spot in the minimized SUV portion – yes you are correct, I am thinking Hyundai Creta! The requirement for such a vehicle exists at that point – and Tata knows it. All the more so in light of the fact that the minimal SUV fragments stays one of the quickest developing and high volume portions in the Indian vehicle showcase. A rebound from the Sierra nameplate to address that issue would be great, no?


The idea itself is particularly the show vehicle and grandstands the likelihood to have 3-push seating as well. The Spartan wood inside may not be realistically, yet the feeling of the room is intriguing. The vehicle additionally flaunts a cutting edge tech interface – and yes the feature of the plan for me is the bent glass rooftop at the back.

The Spartan wood inside adds to the feeling of room in the Sierra Concept SUV

In true useful terms, the vehicle should be a 5-entryway now. In any case, I do trust that in the event that it goes into creation, it holds that Sierra inheritance and mark – by embracing the all-encompassing high roofed bent glass include. The vehicle’s face gets from Tata’s ‘sway’ plan language seen on the Harrier, however with a lot squarer lines and position. The impact is very Land Rover to be completely forthright – and why not I presume! The back observes a nonstop LED strip filling in as the taillights – and a raised and exaggeratedly high position to flaunt a strong, rough terrain proficient position.